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So I am Abraham Darius with surname Llave, hailing from somewhere in Oriental Mindoro Province of the Republic of the Philippines.

At a cross road
I'm formerly with the International Rice Research Institute, as an apprentice in Data Management and de-facto, Logistics. I served the Consortium for Unfavorable Environments (CURE) and Heirloom Rice Project. Prior to this stint, I was with another department assisting higher-level researchers with regard to Bioinformatics, for over three years.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (Class of 2012).

So far, I am enjoying living and working in general here in the Special Science and Nature City (but isn't it actually a municipality?) of Los Baños where there's a good mix of modernity and environment preservation. Unlike in the so-called "Imperial Manila".

I can speak Filipino (Tagalog), English and a little of Korean and Chinese. Well the latter K, I'm more of a reader. The C, I'm not that sharp, at least yet.

Sports? Well for the most part of my life I was not into it, but thanks to the facilities of the company I'm with now, I'm catching up. I can play volleyball, badminton. Studying football (soccer) so far - this is what I liked ever since but this was virtually unknown, not played in this basketball-obsessed country. Oh regarding basketball, I did not develop a liking for it unlike most of my felllow Filipinos so honestly, I don't play, I don't know how. :'( 

Photo courtesy of Clai Segismundo (2014).

Oh wow, I'm also a commercial airline pilot wannabe!!! But I guess that has to wait since I have to raise around PHP2,200,000 (as of November 2013) for flight school. :'( My annual net income from current employment is just a fraction of that. And I'm sending a sister to school, :/ Finally, she is now on her own as of January 2016, I can now roam free yay!

I'm a traveller, or so I say. However, due to  #HampaslupaProblems, I still am not able to travel out of the country even though I already have passport for the last three years! :'(  finally did it in the middle of 2015!

Oh, I'm also interested in North Korea, North-South Relations, the Kim Family Dynasty. 

Feel free to explore around.


Oh btw, why the site title?

As  I said earlier, I wanted to be a commercial airline pilot and eventually have that title. Hihihihi. As for the phrase, I adopted it after reading a coffee book about IRRI's 50 years where not a handful rice researches held at the campus were described growing 'under Los Baños conditions'. As I intended this site to chronicle my life as an employee of IRRI and a resident of LB too, I used it as a tagline.