Hello there. This page is intended for those who might want to connect with me regarding professional opportunities.
I'm currently unemployed as of 27 May 2016. Formerly, I am with the Consortium for Unfavorable Rice Environments (CURE) and Heirloom Rice Project (HRP) of the International Rice Research Institute. I just joined after the ending of my contract with the C4 Rice Center of same company. Totaling more than 3 years,I worked as a Junior Specialist in Bioinformatics and then, as a Junior Specialist in Data Management. It was a "lateral transfer" so all of my remuneration remained the same there, a tricky proposition I must admit.
Are you looking for a job?
As of end May 2016, yes, but still, it depends on the overall remuneration, whether locally or overseas. While I must admit that current employer was quite good on the work+life balance side and facilities we can use like in-house gym, tennis court and lit-on-nights football field, I thought it was time to move on and return back to hardcore Software Engineering or any other vocation where I can pursue my passion. 

May I know more about your professional life?
Please refer to my LinkedIn Profile or my resumé below.


May I see your resumé? 

Here's a recent soft copy of it. Version as displayed by Scribd may have been reduced/have inconsistent visuals. You may directly view/download at!74184&authkey=!AKp7qYarcS004Ew&ithint=file%2cpdf.

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