Go Red!!! Volleyball championship game, and WE WON!!!

Today is exciting for us volleyball players in the 2014 IRRI Sports Festival/company intramurals named "It's PaLAY Time 2" -  CHAMPIONSHIP DAY!!! Yay!

We left off from where we were last Thursday - when it rained and therefore game has to be postponed. Current score 16-17 in favor of us Red Team. Cooridnator Roland Tapia selected me to be one of the initial batch of players. Was there someone who served before me? Anyway, to my delight, I was able to serve around six times - there were many instances that the Pink Team playes sort of, "did not see it coming" when responding to my serves. Hehehe. With that, we have led with a wide margin and they were not able to catch up. What a short-lived game.


Now, TRACE College is quite modern. Hmm, the Genuino family must be rich, that's all I can say.. HAHAHA. :P

Ms. Margeorie Vasquez from Human Resource Services (HRS) said that the rent of the volleyball court cum Basketball Court is at PHP 1,500/hour. Wahh. She let us play until the Toyota Coaster that will service us back to IRRI arrives.