Goodbye Samart, Govinda and Shanta! (SOON: Goodbye Bioinformatics, C4 and IRRI?)

So it has come to this. There were many cries and such emotional mood in the office. My immediate supervisor now has to say goodbye, it's his last day at IRRI ...

Picture with Samart

after working here for nearly 10 years. He is departing back for Thailand tomorrow, with a job at the BIOTEC waiting for him. Of course, we won't let the opportunity for souvenir  picture-taking pass (Finally, we had a team picture after all these years).

Rizal couple with us
Oh by the way, earlier in the morning, Dr. Govinda Rizal and Dr. Shanta Karki, who served C4C for 6 years will also depart tomorrow. With so many people under them, crying and hugs can't be out of the question. Can feel it so much,


UPDATE: Edited Nov 30 - published date should have been November 11, not 17.