I signed anyway, savour the remaining months!

I really have been somewhat disturbed over the past few days, if not weeks, regarding my role in here, that I am seriously contemplating on not renewing my contract ...

Feeling artista?

until November when our budget drops radically, so most of us really have to go. This is so that I could leave the Institute without serving the 30-day notice of resignation requirement and thus could have retirement fund proceeds and encashed leave credits immediately. However, since I have considerable debt and also thanks to to the considerable prodding of the elderly lady employees whom I get to chat with every afternoon before they ride the shuttle buses home, I signed the damn paper a day before April 30, the end of my current contract. HR personnel made it clear that you can sign the renewal up until the end business hours of last day of the latest contract in effect. It was also fun that these officemate-friends kept on reminding and teasing me to better sign already.