IRRI AFSTRI Food Festival!

Great! So it's the time of the year again that we feast gluttony takes over we enjoy the cultural diversity we have here at IRRI! Yay!

I with fellow C4 Rice Center employees.


They pre-sold tickets yesterday for a discount of 10% but I was so busy I was not able to avail of it. I was busy running from here, there, to UPLB ... ugh.

And I'm happy, this year we have a Korean stall! I managed to converse and order in Korean with the Madam manning it! #FeelingSatisfied

The Chinese people already leaving (sold out already) while other stalls still attend to their customers' (me included) gluttony cravings hunger needs.

And as with last year, I did not manage to sample dumplings from the best-selling China! Huhuhuhu.

I did not get to taste any of Vietnam's. Blimey, I was already feeling full from the other countries' dishes aside from taking these pictures.

Lastly, these Thais came the latest. And since many people fell in line for them and I hate lines, well, I was not able to buy.

'Mi Kathi' (???) before being sold.

But I managed to taste leftovers or their dish "Mi Kathi" (?????), however, the mung bean sprouts are raw!! HAHAHA. It should have been somewhat cooked by the hot broth that back then was cooled already.  It is superb nonetheless - I wished
I had queued! Though it's not spicy as they say they adjusted to the Filipino preference, I am all up for spicy food being Korean food lover! :D

I exchanged PHP200 overall (spent for the 'tickets'). Though there was still PHP40 that I did not spend, I lost somewhere which is a bummer since it can be refunded. Yikes. No budget for the next two meals for me, joke. :D

Dr. James Quilty tasting our (in)famous 'Balut'.

Feeling satisfied in general! Next year again, if I'm still here by that time.

See all of my photos of the event at either: