Last football of the year? IRRI Sportsfest 2014 Championship Game

So today, we're gonna face off the Pink Team in the football championship game...

But boo, we lost 4-1. Also, I quite hate myself for not being so energetic today. Only a few runs and minutes in the field and blimey, I am so exhausted. Might be a result of around 4-5 hours only of sleep. Yikes. I should have known.

So, with the conclusion of this event, picture picture with these two people who made it possible for me to finally play football, yep, first time in my life this year! Mr. Edgardo Torres, a Preuvian and Mrs. Ranee Christina Mabesa-Telosa, an Assistant Scientist.

AND I HAVEN'T BOUGHT STUDS/CLEATS HOWEVER! Huhuhuhu. So, it was difficult for me to run in the field, though Ms. Ranee Christina Mabesa-Telosa says I was even able to defend ( really? I doubt? HAHAHA).