Make up class + Microscopy Headache + IRRI Dancing

Because of the Bañamos Festival yesterday, our laboratory instructor decided that we will have a make-up class today.

And you know, I'm not really a morning person so therefore I'm late for about 30 minutes. T_T

So again, as with last week, microscopy again. Wooo, quite headache inducing but I can see the fun in it. The drawings demand a lot of effort but hmm, okay, can do it.

In the evening, I was torn if I should go to the UPLB ROTC Orientation or Dancing with the IRRI Stars show at Chandler Hall. Thing is, friend Jay Valmon already reserved a ticket for me, so it would be a bad taste in the mouth to not show up. In the end I went to the show so as to support too our volleyball co-player Geisha Sanchez, who turned out to be the winner.

Against all odds - the heavy rain, I still managed to go to the UPLB ROTC Orientation at the Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST), UPLB. That seemingly American colonial period-era (and creepy, mind you) building, my first time entering it.

There were only three orientees: a male freshman and two female upperclassmen.

So two male officers were there, informally discussing with them. Then later, the, how should I call her, Chief of the ROTC Troops, a Batch 2011 BS Food Tech or Nutrtiion student came in and she was the one who gave the formal presentation. Wow. Much military posture, reminds me of the infamous Col. Vivian V. Gonzales, former head of the Office of Student Affairs, UPLB.

There was this thing I was puzzled about she saying that something to the effect that (non-verbatim), if we are able to graduate from ROTC, we can have business with the military like ... ugh, I can't recall, anyway, it's quite resolved now.

Have to go back to the office via the 2115H shuttle and left the office via the 2230H one.