My first bloodbath in the Philippine Stock Exchange

Counters in the red

Counters in the red. Courtesy of Bloomberg.

Last week, I was able to start foraying into the world of stocks. With COL Financial (formerly CitisecOnline, gosh, that was so four years ago or more), you can start trading/buying shares of publicly listed companies in the local bourse, the Philippine Stock Exchange with just PHP 5,000.00. I have a lot of aspirations in life, and I really hope, investment in stocks is one of the ways I can achieve many, if not all of those, specifically, my #PilotDream.... yay!! You may ask why - it's because, the higher the risk, the higher the returns and I'm aiming for higher returns/growth in the medium to long term for funding-intensive activities in the future like what I've just mentioned.

Looking at the trends, specifically, the last 2 years growth, I made up my mind and started a buying spree. My first ever buy were 10 shares of First Philippine Holdings Inc (FPH), followed by 100 of 2GO Shipping (VLL) then Vista Land (VLL). The next day, it seemed that ABS-CBN (ABS) is promising so I acquired 10 shares of it. Then last Monday I think, bought 100 shares of Megaworld Corporation (MEG).


Initial lineup. You know what, some solon should file a bill seeking tax exemption for this for entry-level investments up to a certain amount and/or period to encourage Filipinos to invest here.

As of yesterday, pretty much things are okay, with 2GO and FPH yielding me potential gains. While the others are in the red, at least at the time, the share price is not below what I have bought (they are in red because of your total proceeds after broker's commission and taxes).




I was even late for work today and after settling down, seeing that my supervisor is busy with a paper they are going to publish and I'm waiting for an input from him, I logged on first to my COL Financial account and boom boom boom, all are in the red except 2GO. T___T

Checking them every now and then, my losses worsened and gains lessened. 2GO at least, recovered nearing the lunch break.. and even more so when trading resumed at afternoon... at least for an hour or so, then it went down to close around 2 Pesos less than the close price yesterday. Now, then, I now only have (potential) losses.




Apparently, on the heels of good macro-economics of the United States, their Federal Reserve Bank is mulling on raising interest rates, which was practically unchanged over the last 14 years. Of course, this sends jitter throughout the investing world. Also, as per the article at Inquirer Business, apparently, profit-taking was the name of the game today.

As for 2GO, I don't think the incident yesterday at Cebu had a significant bearing - it was an isolated case, and aside, there was no fatality.




Good Lord, I lost PHP 236.47 in value, around 4.82% compared to yesterday! While it is kinda heartbreaking, of course, I do think that in the medium to long term, these shares will grow. Such fluctuations happen from time to time due to the speculative nature of the stock market, but looking at historical data, for the most part, these investments really have the highest rate of return, so I'm kinda banking on that. XD