New work, new life, new phone? A tale of burglary at IRRI and a gadget left at the restroom

So, it's now December 1st! Last month of the year...



What a shock, the canteen at our building is in lockdown ala SOCO style. It did seem from afar that it was a crime scene, and indeed it is! Glass of the food shelves was smashed... Apparently, the main canteen met the same fate but with an additional damage of looting moolah. The bad guys seemed to had a blast over the holiday. Sad.

Meanwhile, at 3PM I went to the restroom. Later on, I went to the Security Office for a new ID. I am preparing to capture the new ID vis-a-vis the old one but I felt that something is missing in my pocket... my phone! I excused myself from the security personnel first and went back to the office in a hurried pace. About an hour ago I remembered putting it on top of the wall of the restroom cubicle where I attended to my physiological need. Alas! It's no more there! I asked the Security Guard on duty to no avail as no one returned the device to her. I borrowed our Secretary's phone to call it and rang on first attempt though no one answered. Second attempt though it's now turned off. Boom. Upon last contact I remembered that its battery was around 10% but from usage experience I am quite sure it would still last around an hour or so even with WiFi turned off.

Goodbye my phone. I hope the one who got you would still find you useful even if I would have you blocked from using telecommunications services. Good luck to the one who got it in playing games in that broken screen where you cannot decently type characters. Also, have fun taking selfies only as the rear camera is damaged giving out blurred pictures

If there's one thing I regret then it would be that I did not back up my pictures beyond May 2015. :/ Therefore, I won't have many pictures to reference on this blog for the past few months I have missed blogging.

[ To be continued ]