One month before termination of employment...?

And now, the end is near... Oh wait, no one's holding a knife or any other deadly weapon in there right? But, kidding aside, the dreaded ...

Dreaded scenario for some. :'(

date for almost all of us in the C4 Rice Center has come. Ten months have already passed since Dr. Quick announced what would happen, our contracts renewed up until November and I signed it, and wow, that was fast. Today, the 23rd of October marks the 31st day before our end of contract next month, November 23. Tomorrow is a Saturday, so we are assuming that upper-ups would be categorically by now, stating who among us will be retained, as to also comply with statutory laws regarding these matters. However, to our surprise, it was only scores of minutes before end of closing hours that we were sent an email inviting us to a meeting regarding the future of the project that will be held at 0930 in the morning of the upcoming Monday. Sigh, at that day, it is not anymore well within the 30-days-before statutory rule. While I and my colleague Diane know that we won't be renewed as our role here are not in the priority list and our immediate supervisors are leaving too, I think what had just transpired is quite unsettling for our other colleagues who were clinging on to their hopes. I hope this won't set a precedent. 

Anyway, the Institute "can hide" behind Presidential Decree 1620 enacted during Marcosian era and still in effect, so in the end, we cannot do anything about it (exhibit A, not that I agree with the other party in this case) but relay feedback to whomever after all had been said and done.

Good luck to all of us colleagues. Let's be strong on Monday.


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