UPLB should offer Bachelor's in Political Science

Methinks that as an investment into the future, UPLB should soon offer a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I have observed, whatever good the University produces whether it be papers, technologies,  no to little concrete action would be taken by this Republic's government if we don't have someone we can callour own (not just a graduate of UPLB but is firmly devoted to furthering agricultural potential of this country and of course has the
connections + 3G's - guns, goons and gold to do that ) firm representative in their ranks, strongly working for the agricultural sector's growth if not pushing it as the primary focus of the government. Sure, manufacturing sector specifically electronics are booming in the past year or so or three, but such kind of industries are mostly vulnerable with foreign investors who can easily withdraw their investments here at their whims and then what, livelihoods lost for the working class?

Remember, this federation of islands is primarily and mostly agricultural. What a shame that South Korea, from the ruins of the Korean War even surpassed us to become self-sufficient in rice production. :/