I sent a snail mail, the old fashioned way. Yes, I'm serious.

Its facade and immediate area signalling decay and lost glory, I cautiously approached the Post Office within the campus of the UPLB. Today, I have to ship Octopus Cards back to Hong Kong.

Yes, I sent a snail mail.

[ to be continued ]

UPLB should offer Bachelor's in Political Science

Methinks that as an investment into the future, UPLB should soon offer a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I have observed, whatever good the University produces whether it be papers, technologies,  no to little concrete action would be taken by this Republic's government if we don't have someone we can callour own (not just a graduate of UPLB but is firmly devoted to furthering agricultural potential of this country and of course has the

Enrollment again at the University of the Philippines Los Baños

So as can be gleamed from the admission letter I finally got hold last Tuesday, today is the stated enrolment day for the type of student I am - a Non-degree student. Yep, I am going, well, planning to enrol as a Non-degree student in UPLB. So what about it? Well, as a non-degree student you're just like another student - except that you are not taking courses/subjects that lead toward conferral of a Bachelors/Diploma/Masters/Doctorate degree.